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Ce livre propose un angle différent de ce que peut «aussi» être le tatouage. Émancipée des styles traditionnels américain, japonais ou tribal, une nouvelle école de tatoueurs y introduit ses propres codes.

Extrait: «On a vu d’impressionnants aplats noirs s’insinuer sous la peau, des imprégnations polychromes fleurir les épidermes et des tracés rectilignes épouser les courbes de dos entiers. Pixels, trames et typographies ont investi le vivant.»

15 tatoueurs - plus de 225 photos - 176 pages


La veine graphique shows tattooing from a different perspective, it shows what tattooing can «also» be.

The introduction traces the career of these pioneers and the context in which they established their approach. Furthermore, an introductory text of each tattoo artist reveals their creative process underlined with several photos of their works, with 8 to12 pages dedicated to each of them.

Extract: “This deliciously vicious circle of progress, one we witness every day, sprouting its burgeoning ideas and, in our inky context, enriching our skins with audacious shapes and techniques. Massive black inlays find their way amongst pixels, font-art and complex curves in a quite lively invasion of moving canvases.”

176 pages - 225 photos - 15 tattoo artists
Text: English/French